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Dozier Nessmuk 2009

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  • Dozier Nessmuk 2009

    I got this knife a few days ago on an exchange with my friend.
    The knife is very convenient. I want to put on it clip and destroy pegs for opening - they are of little avail,
    I open with both hands holding on to the hump of the blade.
    Too much force is necessary to apply. Better nail notch closer to the tip, as Buck 110.

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    Nice Nessmuk, I like that Randall too. I'd give the Dozier office a call, Bob may be able to take the thumbstud out for you an put a nail knick on it, sometimes he can manage some folder work, but much of the time his folders stay the way he releases them.


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      Thank you!
      Everything is easy - it's not my order)) 
      My friend bought it from Arizona in 2011 and so we made the exchange a few days ago:

      I did order a couple of years ago on DK-FH with 4 inch blade, maroon micarta and clip.
      Here is everything will remain so, as will come out of the workshop


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        I feel great, I'm just reading it. It gave me more knowledge.

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