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Sisu Model 6, Buffalo Skinner, Hunter Skinner

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  • Sisu Model 6, Buffalo Skinner, Hunter Skinner

    Got three in from the Featured Inventory yesterday! Got the Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner, the Sisu Model 6, and the K-46 Hunter Scalpel.

    Thought I'd put some pics up here to give you more of a look at the knives and to get some perspective on size of the knives

    What I would call the Four Definitive Dozier Skinners, from the bottom, the KS-1 Master Skinner, the Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner, and two 1975 (Delta Skinner) Doziers.

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    The Sisu Model 6 with the T-1 Tactical

    With a hidden tang classic


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      The K-46 Hunter Scalpel with the K-28 Personal


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        All three are outstanding knives. I haven't gotten to use them heavily yet, but all three have superb edges as usual from the St. Paul and Springdale shops.

        One of the subtle features of the stacked leather handle, (and hidden tang knives as well) is how light it is compared to a full or tapered tang fixed blade. Feels great in the hand and a comfortable grip.

        The Buffalo Skinner, (and the Sisu Model 6) fit very well in their leather sheaths, still amazes me how good and tight a fit Bob makes his sheaths, and how durable and long-lasting they are. So much so that with the Buffalo Skinner I may have to get a thicker or more substantial lanyard/tab to help get it out of the sheath as it sits so low and tightly.

        The K-46 is extremely handy, many nowadays will tell you that you only really need a blade that's 2 to 3 inches for a majority of any cutting chores you have in the day. It's good to have smooth micarta again, as much as I like bead-blasted micarta, I think I prefer the original smooth finish from the shop and will stick to it from now on.

        ​Excellent knives!
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          Looking good DZ. Thanks for sharing the summary and the pictures.

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