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Kydex sheath modification

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  • Kydex sheath modification

    Recently got this knife, slightly used.
    Very comfortable grip and cuts well.
    But there was a problem with keeping the sharpness.
    I sharpen the knife very sharp. I went with him for 1 day,
    used for all purposes.
    In the evening I found that the knife was completely stupid.
    It's strange, steel hardened hard. I sharpened it again,
    sheathed it, staggered him, took it out - he is stupid again.
    It seems the problem is in the sheath. I washed them with soap
    and washed under the pressure of water, it does not help.
    I guess some kind of fine abrasive is stuck in the cracks,
    between the halves of the scabbard, and pressed into the kydex
    (or what kind of plastic spyderco is used?).
    The shell is fastened with rivets, it can not be disassembled
    for cleaning. If I cut rivets and put the screws, then can clean.
    But somewhere in the campaign or fishing, I may not have the time
    or conditions to clean the scabbard from the dirt and keep
    the sharpness of the knife.
    So I thought for a while and decided that I needed a sheath
    in which the cutting edge of the knife did not touch anything,
    as in folding knives smile

    Maybe someone has already done this, but I did not see it on sale.

    The meaning is this, before you start forming the sheath from kydex,
    you have to cover the cutting edge with lead.

    That is, we take an abstract knife.
    We take a rod of soft lead, 1 cm in diameter.
    We along cut the rod down to half.
    Further, as on a stained-glass window, we put on lead
    on the cutting edge and tap it with a light hammer to sit tightly.
    Then we form a sheath (as example here
    As a result, we get a sheath in which no abrasive dirt
    will damage the cutting edge (If it's not too much, of course  grin). 

    There is still possible the problem of structural rigidity.
    To do this, you can overtop the main roller on the cutting edge,
    add cone rollers. Then the knife will not spread apart sheath,
    not touch the muzzle mud and will not be blunted again.

    I decided to write this message here, since I had K-2, which also had a dirty scabbard.
    The knife was also dulled from this. So I decided to share my thoughts with you.
    I hope this will be at least a little useful.

    add small lead cone rollers