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Which Fighter? KM-16, KM-17, or Ranger?

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  • Which Fighter? KM-16, KM-17, or Ranger?

    Hello everybody,
    I plan to order one of these fighters. If you could only get one, which would you pick and why?
    I currently own several Dozier single edge knives: an Agent, an Arkansas Traveler, and a Wilderness.
    I had a Canoe I liked but lost it several years ago.
    I probably dont need a fighter, but I really like the shape of them and these don't seem to come up for sale often.
    At the Blade show in 2014, the shop didn't bring any fighters.
    Anyway, let me know which is the best one to get if you could only get one.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I've been pretty keen on a KM-1 Ranger for awhile, I prefer the more traditional blade shape, though they seldom come out of the shop.


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      I prefer a spear point blade shape for fighters so would opt for a KM-16 or 17. Pick whichever blade appeals to you the most.

      There was a spear point Custom Tactical on featured inventory in May 2016 that sold before I saw it. I ordered one, but decided I didn't really need another 6" blade fighter.
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