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Favorite Handle Material

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  • Favorite Handle Material

    Daniel would like to know what is everyone's favorite handle material?

    Thank you for your time and help!

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    Woolly Mammoth Ivory, Ironwood, Snakewood, Stag, G10(G11), micarta.

    For light use I like the woolly mammoth ivory, wood handles & stag (although I have utilized them for hard use as well), and for hard use I prefer G10 or micarta.

    I only have a Professional Skinner with (blue) G10 handles, but the way the crew shaped and smoothed it makes it my favorite fixed blade with synthetic handle scales.

    I haven't been able to get my hands on any with G11 scales but I'm sure I'd like that as well from the pics I've seen of some Dozier knives with G11 handles.
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      Handle materials

      Amber Stag. Nothing else even comes close.


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        For me, that depends on the knife's style and use.

        For working knives(Dozier's of course) I like colored Micarta, Stag and some of the extremely hard woods.

        For fancy Gents Art Knives, I'm a sucker for exotic MOP, Abalone and Mammoth.


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          Green jigged bone and ironwood are at the top of my list. There is also something special about the way the Dozier shop does green canvas micarta.


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            I love green canvas micarta but can't remember seeing any knives posted in a long time with it from the Dozier shop, except the mirror polish Loveless ones Bob does for AG.

            I'm not a big fan of green linen. Even though it's strong, it doesn't have the same visual appeal of canvas. I have seen green canvas lately that resembles alligator and lizard skins. If anyone has acquired a knife in green canvas from the Dozier Shop as of late.....please post some photos. Thanks.

            Dan, I would love to see some offerings in green canvas. I have many Dozier's but have never been able to score one in that handle material. Am I just missing when these are available for sale or are you not using it for some reason?


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              As long as we are on this topic of handle materials, what about mosaic pins? I would gladly pay the extra $ to have that added to a Dozier knife to dress it up enough to make it special, but still a working knife. I think this adds a custom signature for not too much extra cost.


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                Folks, let' s stay on topic here. The OP (Original Poster) requested for your favorite handle material. Any q' s or inquiries on other material, custom options, etc., should have a seperate thread started in the appropriate section. Thank you.

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                  My carried away. Will refrain for future.


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                    stag, cocobolo, ivory


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                      I am currently enjoying several different handle materials on my assortment of Dozier knives, (13 so far and more coming), but my favorite of all has to be the canvas micartas. I like the Natural Canvas Micarta and especially the Green Canvas Micarta. Add a set of Red Liners to either handle for a special touch.


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                        If the question was intended to be a singular choice then that is as difficult as having to choose only one Dozier knife. I have well over a dozen Doziers and half a dozen Crotts knives along with a few other knives from other makers. My Dozier Devin Thomas Damascus small trapper folder with premium wooly mammoth is by far the purdiest but it is a safe queen. I have a partiality to one that I have that has antique yellow micarta, but the orange G10 for me is hard get away from. I currently own 3 Doziers with that material and have a 4th on order. I have G10 in Green and blue as well. Many different woods and micartas as well and really like them all. I think the easier question would be which one(s) don't you like. There is only one that comes to mind for me and that does not mean anything, but for me it would be carbon fiber.
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                          I'd have to say stag, ironwood, and mammoth ivory are my favorites as well. I love the look of stag and ivory and I keep finding myself buying most of my working knives in ironwood. I'm a sucker for a nice handled knife.


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                            To be more precise pithless stag.
                            Nothing is a bigger let down or turn off than the pithy core of the stag showing on the handle of a beautiful knife.

                            Second choice: white/ivory paper micarta.


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                              #1 Stag
                              #2 Mammoth
                              #3 Elephant Ivory
                              #4 Big Horn Sheep
                              #5 Figured Woods
                              #6 Synthetics